Welcome to Southwest Academy of Management

Welcome to Southwest Academy of Management

Welcome to Southwest Academy of ManagementWelcome to Southwest Academy of ManagementWelcome to Southwest Academy of Management

Key Objective


To promote the advancement of teaching, research, and practice in the field of management. To achieve this objective, the Southwest Academy shall provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, experience, and information among educators in collegiate schools of business and others who have an interest in the development, extension, unification, and application of knowledge pertaining to management.

Collateral Objectives

To promote a wider acquaintance and closer cooperation among those interested in the theory and practice of management.

To stimulate research and creative thinking by members and to disseminate the results from such activities as broadly as possible.

To participate in activities that shall promote management education and development.

To promote and enhance the status of the management educator and the management practitioner in our society.

To cooperate with other societies and associations with objectives and interests similar to the Southwest Academy.

To promote and participate in other activities that are compatible with the objectives of the Southwest Academy.


Mission Statement


The Southwest Academy of Management is dedicated to crafting the whole professor through teaching, research, and service. We will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing programs to members and schools within our region to enhance professional development, particularly in the area of effective teaching.
  • Providing a professional environment that supports the research interests of SWAM members.
  • Providing innovative programming that encourages the linkages between academia and industry.
  • Offering programming that examines career development issues, including the issue of service within academia.
  • Creating an open organization that pursues positive changes, innovative ideas and creative new directions by actively seeing member participation.
  • Creating an organization that seeks to understand the diverse needs of all universities and meet the professional needs of faculty within those universities.

 SWAM is an affiliate member of the Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD).  For more information on FBD please visit their website.  

 SWAM is an affiliate member of the Academy of Management (AOM).  For more information on AOM please visit their website.