Membership Benefits

  • Attend the annual conference 
  • Share your work with peers from other schools
  • Receive high-quality feedback on your scholarly work
  • Find collaborators and coauthors for your projects
  • Socialize and network with faculty and administrators from regional peer institutions
  • Professional development to improve skill in teaching and research 
  • Stay current with the environment of higher educations
  • Interface with professionals from industry and practice

Membership Guidelines

1. Membership in the Southwest Academy shall be available to individuals interested and engaged in advancing the theory and philosophy of management through teaching, research, practice, or publication. The candidate shall share the objectives of the Southwest Academy.

Candidates for membership shall be as follows, provided that the number of executives shall be limited to not more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total membership. For purposes of this provision, an executive is defined as one who spends over fifty percent (50%) of his or her time in non-academic professional management.

a. A teacher of management in a college or university holding the rank of instructor, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, research professor, or distinguished professor, or emeritus professor (not eligible for Member Emeritus status, as described in section 3);

b. A graduate student with an interest in management;

c. An executive who has made a significant contribution to management theory or philosophy in published form or is distinguished in the practice of management; or

d. A manager holding a policy level or administrative position in business, governmental, education, or other type of organization, providing the individual has made significant contributions to the theory, art, science, and/or practice of management thorough research, teaching, top-level policy making, or other activities that in the opinion of the executive Committee helps further the goals of the Southwest Academy.

2. Application for membership in the Southwest Academy shall be filed with the Treasurer- Membership Chair. Election to membership shall be in accordance with procedures to be established by the Treasurer-Membership Chair to carry out the intent expressed in the purpose and membership qualifications articles of the Constitution, and in agreement with such stipulations as may appear in the Bylaws.

3. A member shall become a Member Emeritus on application to the Treasurer-Membership Chair and whenever the following conditions have been fulfilled:

a. Continuous, fully-paid membership in the Southwest Academy of the ten (10) years immediately preceding qualification as a Member Emeritus.

b. Retirement from regular gainful employment as a teacher, consultant, or manager, due to reaching retirement age or due to poor health.

If you are interested in being a member of Southwest Academy of Management but you are unable to make it to the annual conference, you can still become a member by paying the registration fee of $75. If you are interested in doing this, please email our treasurer Emily Hammer at